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 Steve Moring of Vajra Farm, LLC & Kaw PermacultureTM

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PostSubject: Steve Moring of Vajra Farm, LLC & Kaw PermacultureTM   Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:04 pm

What is Permaculture?
Many of you might be familiar with the term permaculture. It was coined in the 1970’s by Bill Mollison from Australia, meaning “permanently sustainable agriculture”. In forty years it has evolved to encompass much more than agriculture and self reliance. For most people it is a whole new paradigm of thinking about how we relate to the rest of the planet, its living systems, our ethics and values. It not just about how to grow our food the “old fashion” way with minimal energy inputs, it is about how we use energy, design landscapes, how we build our homes and work places, how we protect and restore ecosystems, and maintain our ecological support systems. It is going green multi-dimensionally. It is a handbook for survival in the coming post petroleum age.
Today permaculture is a major part of the international transition movement. If you are concerned about how we as communities can address global warming, energy decent with the depletion of fossil fuels and economic decline, come join with new community members, the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative to learn the basics of permaculture by participating in our Permacullture Design Certification Course, “Re-skilling for a Sustainable Future” with Steve Moring of Vajra Farm, LLC & Kaw PermacultureTM, lead instructor for the Kansas Permaculture Institute.
The course consists of a series of ten, three hour classroom lectures and video screenings, and six field sessions held every Saturdays and Sunday beginning March 21, 2015 from 9am – 4 pm at Vajra Farm Permaculture Center, Oskaloosa, KS. Lecture topics include food security, permaculture ethics, ecological principles, system design, sustainable soils, food production, food forests, earth works and construction of human habitats. The course wraps up with four, six hour hands-on practicum sessions, where students will learn about various applications of permaculture design principles. Completion of the 72 hours of course instruction will culminate on May 9 with the award of a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Kansas Permaculture Institute.
For more information on course content, meeting times, locations and registration go to our website: or contact Steve Moring at 785-691-7305.
Cost for the course is $850.

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Steve Moring of Vajra Farm, LLC & Kaw PermacultureTM
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