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This forum is for those people Interested in the Farm Resettlement Congress movement.
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 Adding Multimedia...

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PostSubject: Adding Multimedia...   Sat May 30, 2015 3:24 am

I have yet to meet Galen... but I could imagine, he might be reticent, to put an interview of himself up... for fear of giving the impression of him being a "leader" of FRC.

That said... the recent interview of Galen, for "The Survival Podcast" was an absolutely brilliant chunk of information about what FRC is about.

Audio and Video as a medium, gets much more traction with online peeps than plain text.

PROPOSED IDEA: Come up with a "boilerplate" text about FRC membership structure, that can be placed along with any "MultiMedia" on the FRC website... a website is awake 24/7, and can do a lot more than just occupy a spot in cyberspace. It's an asset worth putting to work.

Dave Y.
Lawrence, KS
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Adding Multimedia...
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